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I thought it might be neat to ressurect this of sorts. Those of you still interested in my nonsensical ramblings about, really nothing of importance go to: http://twelveamdawn.livejournal.com

Sorry about the one year hiatus from the world.

oh. and if you read this Mike Stucke, i really could use your mailing address to return those Lain DVDs I borrowed about 4 years ago. >_> My email is gran.sl at gmail dot com.

* * *
I got a job doing filing at a hospital. I start work tomorrow.... I think. This temp hiring thing is odd to me.
* * *
I'm ridiculously desparate.

If anybody knows *anywhere* near WL that is hiring can you let me know. I think i've applied to every place and it doesn't seem like anywhere is hiring. I have the most flexible schedule of all time.

* * *
I have aquired a new cell phone and incidentally lost all my old numbers in my old cell phone.

If you would like me to have your number, and I'd like to have several of yours, please email it to me at sgran@purdue.edu

Obviously If i don't know you in real life, i'm not trying to be creepy and get your info and call you.

* * *
i didn't think anyone would mind so much that i deleted my journal. i guess just leaving it sit here doing nothing is just as effective.

i don't really feel my life is worth updating or informing anyone about.

* * *
* * *
If I owe you money can you please tell me how much, I'll try to get it back to you soon.
* * *
Life is nothing but moments of crossing over.
* * *
Since I have pretty shut myself off from people lately, I've decided to update on what's been happening in my life. In list format.

- My knees started to hurt me really early in the semester and I've been seeing a doctor about getting the cartilage rebuilt in my knees along with better ways to walk/run to put less pressure on my knees. Needless to say this came with the stipulation that I couldn't put major strain on my knees for awhile. Which means kendo was out for the semester. People that know me, know that kendo is an important part of my life. I feel horrible for not being there, to the point that I pretty much avoid anything or anyone that is going to remind me of what I'm missing out on.

- I'm behind in my classes. But that is just Sandra being the bad student, as always.

- I've stopped writing my novel and started writing these strange short stories. I look back and read them and wonder what the hell I was thinking.

- In more positive news, I aquired a new boyfriend about a month ago. His name is Ty and he's is easily the second best thing that happened to me this year. (The Cleveland Kendo Tournament was still the best. XD) This relationship feels so incredibly different than any other I've ever had. The disappointing part about this relationship is that he goes to grad school in Indy, so we can only see each other on the weekends.

- My major is now professional writing. For those who didn't know yet.

- I spend the rest of my free time/slacking off time, playing WoW because I have a lot of fun playing it. It has been a nice resource for RL friends as well. Some friends I made in the last year and myself once a week all play characters together. I think it's a good reason to maintain friendships with people, even if they've moved away, in a fun way.

And my 60 priest can pwn your face with the ezsauce. Har!

Yep, that's just about it. Hoping I'll pass all my classes and keep my scholarships.

- Oh. And I need a job. That too.
* * *
I want to be a better person.

It just takes longer for me to get there.
Poor people tend to try to save money by not buying the map.

* * *
My appeal for scholarships was approved. I yet again have money to go to college.
* * *
* * *